How to Generate Money Through YouTube & Know 7 Benefits of Becoming a Youtuber

The popular app — a red tube with a white screen and a red play button — followed by
YouTube is proudly sitting in almost every individual’s cell phone.
We keep on stroking this famous logo for almost everything we want to know, learn, or
Besides answering almost all our questions and doubts, this magic app can also create a
funnel towards your passive income. Not only a secondary income but you can also earn a
mainstream income through YouTube.
YouTube has helped many creators to show their skills and earn money.
Many people have doubts how it works.
Let’s peep into a few common questions that may keep knocking your mind before you jump
into this platform.

What is required to become a YouTube?

The only requirement you need to evolve as a Youtuber is the internet and content.
Irrespective of your age, qualification, country, or anything else, you can become a
If you know your skills and understand how you can deliver your skills to your audience, this
platform can provide you with tremendous name, fame, and money.
The 2020’s highest-paid YouTuber unearthed by the 2020 YouTube league is a six and four-
year-old brother duo Vlad and Nikita, who smartly bagged a $312,312 per video.
The jaw-dropping amount at such an early age is bliss. And this can only be possible on a
platform like Youtube.
Who Can become a Youtuber?
Anyone from a one-day-old baby to 100 years older adult, from a talking parrot to a dancing
monkey, can showcase their skills on youtube.
I may sound insane, but it’s true.
You may ask how a one-day baby become a YouTuber?
Well, It’s the camera, internet, and the cameraman who can help.
Anyone, anything your mind can imagine, create, and deliver makes you a YouTuber.
If you know how to portray what you want to show to your audience, you can win the battle
efficiently with enchanting rewards.
How to Choose a Niche on Youtube?

Niche is nothing but the content you want to fill for your channel.
Follow your passion, choose a topic that you can do in the long run.
Do some research and fix your target audience.
For example, cooking channels are brewing like mushrooms; we are no more dependent on
renowned master chefs to prepare our recipes. General people have now dominated the
YouTube platform by sharing their mouth smacking recipes.
Like that choose a subject you are good at teaching.

How can I monetize my YouTube channel?

YouTube has set a threshold limit for monetization. You need to have 1000 subscribers and
4000 watch hours within a year to apply for monetization.

How can you gain 1000 subscribers and 2,40,000 minutes of watch time in 365 days?

Achieving this number is a tricky game; it looks difficult to achieve, but it’s achievable.
Initially, you may feel disappointed as the number of subscribers keeps increasing and
decreasing, but you can quickly achieve this target with constant effort and determination.
Keep uploading unique, useful, well-researched topics regularly. This unique content will
retain your loyal subscribers and help you to earn more subscribers too.

What are the advantages of being a YouTuber?

1.You are your boss. You don’t need close cubicles under the surveillance of your boss for
work. You will do all your work according to your preference.
2.Helps in honing your skills and boosts confidence: When you share your knowledge and
experience with others, it expands your knowledge and sharpens the skill.
3.You can connect to a worldwide audience: YouTube is a global platform where you get
connected with a vast audience. Whether you are a singer, dancer, painter, cook, or anything
you can showcase, it will reach a broader audience in no time.
4.You have your platform to show your talent: You need not qualify for any test to
showcase your talent in front of a broad audience. Just switch on the camera and start
5.No investment requires: You don’t need a single penny to start this program. You can
straightaway jump into the pool and start swimming.
6.You can create your brand: If you manage to be a big YouTuber, you can promote your
7.There is no time constraint: You need not have to chase the time to complete your work.
You can complete your work from the comfort of your bedroom.

What are the different ways you can earn through YouTube?

1.Affiliate marketing: You can earn money through youtube by becoming an affiliate
marketer. Your channel does not need monetization as a criterion to earn money through
affiliate marketing.
Amazon and various other platforms are providing an opportunity to try your hands through
their programs
2.Sponserships: You get enough sponsorships from various companies to showcase their
products if your channel becomes popular.
3.Advertising: After monetization, you gain money through AdSense it depends on your
views, length of the video.

Utilize this channel provided by the founders Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Shih
Chen in 2005 which was owned by Google in 2006, to create your brand
to earn money, show your creativity and skills to grab the audience’s attention.

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