How to Become a Good Parents?

Becoming a parent is the most rewarding, enraptured, yet complex aspects of life. These are the most precious and crucial junctures of existence that everyone goes through.

When you meet a tiny stranger for the first time, a different bond starts brewing automatically, and unknowingly we fall into the trap of greater responsibility.

Parenting is like growing a seed into a plant.

Every seed is different, and you don’t know what shape it will take in the upcoming days.

Before seedling, you have to decide the soil’s proper depth, water them wisely, maintain consistent moisture, keep the soil warm, give adequate lighting and proper fertilizers to turn the seed into a healthy plant, and it’s a herculean task.

Because no matter how much expertise you have in this field, you always learn from your missteps, and the dark clouds of uncertainty never ring the bell before entering your room.

In parenting also, we do the same things; we learn from our mistakes and follow a path that no one has ever mastered.

Because one cannot do it correctly, we can only try our best to become one of the best parents.

Here are sixteen suggestions on how we can become good parents.

1.Work on yourself: Spend time on yourself. Try to figure out what wrong characteristics you have. Prepare yourself to become the right person first. Children’s first school starts at home. They learn what they see and observe at home. Look at yourself from how you eat, sit, read, watch, and do at home. Children imitate a lot from their parents.

If you are not humble enough, don’t expect your child to become one. So, try to work on your characteristics if you want your child to become a good human being in the future.

2.Spend time with children: Many parents escape from their responsibility by giving a present to their children. These worldly things are sufficient for a short period if you want your children to stay emotionally healthy don’t give presents, be present for them also.

3.Be a friend for them: They will only open their heart if they become a friend to them. Many parents try to dominate their children as if they own them. Cactus grows in dry and hot sand. You cannot expect a lotus in dry sand, likewise to be gentle and friendly with your kids. They will not hide.

4.Parents must get along with each other: Don’t fight in front of the children. It will harm your kid’s brain and have a negative impact. To get a healthy and happy child, no matter what happened, try to find ways to get along. Children whose parents fight very often make them unhappy and sometimes force them into depression.

5.Show physical affection: A sweet kiss or a small hug does wonder when it comes to children. The physical attachment is an excellent way to encourage and show them how much you love them. They felt more connected with their parents.

6.Listen and Understand: Don’t jump to the conclusion straight away; listen to them. We all want to be heard. Good parents listen and understand their children’s thoughts and cooperate with them. Listening helps in boosting their confidence.

7.Never compare: Every child is unique and different. Never compare your child with others. Comparison leads to unhealthy competition giving birth to stress in kids.

8.Motivate them: No matter how many times they fail to do something, keep encouraging. Never allow their failure to overlap their success. Mistakes do happen, and that is not always the end of the road. Your motivation will help them to take a risk in life. Push them from their comfort zone and let them try new things.

9.Guide and support: Every parent wants them to walk on the success ladder. Guide them gently. Threatening or scolding will breed fear in their heart, and they will never chase their dream.

10.Dont make your children the centre of the universe: Those children who think of themselves as the centre of the universe remain self-reserved and entitled. Good parents make their children make choices. They become selfish than empathetic.

11.They have a clear idea between discipline and punishment: Making children suffer for their wrongdoing is punishment, whereas, in discipline, you teach them how to make good choices in the future. Becoming a tiger mom or a tiger father and punishing in everything will never help always. Instead, tackle the things gently and teach them discipline.

12.Identify your child’s talent: It’s crucial to know the interest area of your child; it’s equally important to nurture them too. Those parents who push their children against their interest soon lose interest in that area. So give them that opportunity and inspire them to explore their interest area.

13.Inculcate interactive skills in them: Social interactive children become more friendly and smart than others. Teaching children how to interact with others helps them mingle with others easily, and people love to work with them.

14.Dont be a shock absorber for your children: Good parents teach their children to accept their mistakes and learn from them. They teach them to apologize for their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.

15: Give Responsibility: Giving responsibility to children makes them learn how to cherish what they have, and doing their stuff makes them active.

16.Participate in your children’s education and activities: This will help you to know about their strengths and weaknesses accordingly, you can work on it.

We all learn through trial-and-error methods. So, keep trying.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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