4 Hacks to Be Happy When You are Alone

In this pandemic, most of us has been in awkward situations.

Some of us are with our families, some of us are not.

All of us are filled with strange fears now, whether we can overcome this situation and see our loved ones on the other side of this pandemic.

Social distancing has changed the way we work, interact or connect with people.

For many, staying in isolation is far from being a major disruption, but there are some of us for whom, maintaining a distance from others, especially in times of uncertainty and stress is lonely and isolating. While some love to be alone, being alone is an emotional struggle for some.

Social isolation can, in fact, take a toll on you if you are not used to enjoying being alone with yourself.

Brock Hansen points out, loneliness is a feeling rather than a fact.

We feel lonely because someone has triggered that feeling, not just because we are alone at home.

However, there are ways to be happy even if you feel lonely. Let us check them out.

Find Out What Makes You Happy

Find out what makes you happy. Well, for that, you need serious self-reflection.

Do you know what is the best thing about being alone?

It gives you the time to put your desires, needs and ambitions over and above all. So, consider them and find out what makes you happy.

The next part is easy.

Spend time doing things that makes you happy.

Take Care of Yourself

Well, if you are alone, it is easy to indulge into cheese and macaroni every now and then while enjoying your favourite TV show.

This is alright if done in moderation.

Make sure not to overdo.

Take care of yourself by eating well, exercising regularly and getting some sunshine everyday. This will improve your mental health too.

You can try cooking as well. This will relieve stress and distract you.

Opt for whole foods and colourful meals. Make sure you limit your consumption of salt, sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Regulate Sleep Routine

A good night’s sleep may be hard to come by if you are staying alone in this pandemic but adequate rest takes up a significant role for mental and physical wellbeing.

You can consider setting up an alarm to go to bed just as you do for waking up.

Connect with People

You cannot visit people in this situation, but you can certainly meet others over a video call.

Do not deprive yourself of social interaction.

Use technology to connect with people.

You can shout across the street too to remain connected with your neighbour.

You need to schedule interaction with more than before as you are not getting the opportunity to chitchat with your colleagues over a cup of coffee or going out with friends.

Living alone can inculcate bad habits. Do not give in to them. Take self-improvement to newer levels. Bid goodbye to all negative thoughts. Rather than reeling in anxiety about the coming time, remain focused on the present. Always remember that this too shall pass and you will soon see brighter days.

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