Why Sleep is Important? and How to Get Yourself a Healthy Sleep?

Is sleep important? If it is, then how to get it?

Let’s find out the answers to both the questions.

There are 80% of people who love to cuddle their bed and love to sleep.

On the contrary, some people take pride in getting less sleep.

Many of us compress our sleeping time to do extra work or spend some more time with technology.

It’s like eating junk food instead of healthy salads because it pulls our pleasure thread in our brain, triggering us to eat more, knowing the fact we are filling our stomach with junk.

We all know a goodnight’s sleep is highly essential for both the mind and body, but still, we ignore it.

We focus on exercise and diet for good health, but many of us don’t know that sleep is also an essential pillar of our foundation.

Those who master hacking sleep live a healthy life.

Here I am highlighting some points on what happens when you gift yourselves of a goodnight’s sleep.

1.It fastens the cognitive function of brain: An ample amount of sleep helps get better results in the workplace. Studies say that if you are spending less time on your bed, it lowers your brain’s cognitive functioning. Hence you will work at a slower pace than the one who had a healthy sleep last night.

2.Reduces in Multiply of cancer cells: This point is horrifying, but studies have found, cancer cells increase when one is sleep-deprived. Not only that, there are higher chances of a heart stroke, a heart attack, diabetics, and severe headaches in persons who ignore sleeping.

3.Rejuvenates the mind and body: When you are sleeping, your body starts producing a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin and calms your mind. While you are sleeping, your body’s construction workers start producing new collagen, makes your skin more plumber, prevent from loosening the skin that we call wrinkle. Lack of sleep makes your skin dehydrated, which snatch away its glow, and it feels saggy.

4.Controls Stress: Good sleep reduces stress and anxiety, while lousy sleep aggravates your cortisol. It makes you crankier and more irritable. Someway or the other, it may affect your relationship.

5.Gains weight: If you want to lose those extra sponges of your stomach, then diet and exercise, add a healthy sleep also. Your metabolism slows down when you don’t sleep.

And increase your appetite. The imbalance between the hunger hormone called Ghrelin which calls for more food and whereas leptin, making us feel full makes us confuse and we crave for food.

6.Better decisions: when there is no flux, you can make clean decisions.

Mind you make better decisions. A baffled mind sinks the decision straight down, and better sleep can do it.

7.Better relationship: You are like a grumpy fish when you wake up without proper sleep, and who likes that face. Irritation, anger, anxiety, stress, all these factors are all vital ingredients for destroying any relationship. To push these negative traits down, you should embrace a healthy sleep.

8.Get more energy: When we sleep, we restore our energy; it helps us work efficiently on the next day, whereas sleep deprivation can lead to loss of short-term memory and leave you with a fuss. And at the end of the day, you mess up everything.

How to get healthy sleep?

Many people are dependent on sleeping pills to get them the luxury of good sleep. But these sleeping pill pills have many side effects too.

Here are a few other options which you can try to have a good time with your dreams

1.Cut down on technology earlier: Cutting down your screen time helps you relax your body and get healthy sleep.

2.Read a book: Reading a book not only enhances your knowledge but also helps in sleeping

3.Music: Music has soothing effects on our brain; it can shut the unnecessary thoughts hence helps for better sleep.

4.Exercise: A fair amount of exercise tires your body and helps in grabbing sleeping mantras.

5.Light food: Poor food choices; eat something that will keep your blood sugar stable. When your blood sugar drops, your cortisol increases, pushing you to wake in the middle of the night.

6.Check your intake of caffeine: Gulping a barrel of coffee can convert you into an owl.

7.Take a few naps: If you are cutting your full-time sleep somewhere, try to compensate it with kit-kat naps, these small power naps are beneficial when it comes to getting energy.

8.Cut down distractions: Invest in a comfortable mattress, switch off the lights, cut down sounds, keep a comfortable temperature, and stay with your healthy thoughts. These things will disturb your thoughts.

9.Meditation: Peace and sleep are interconnected. When a battle is going on in your mind that cannot make you sleep, meditation can be the remedy for killing unnecessary thoughts.

10.Proper time management: When you mess with the time, it makes you mess with your life. You have to hold the strings of time tightly through time management, or else it will keep on slipping.

There is a reason why the sun says good morning and darkness says good night; we should not change these rules of the universe and take sleep for granted.

Don’t take sleep for granted as this particular pattern of our life has a significant impact on our life. One can go for four days without water, around 20days without food, but you can go for only six days without sleep. And cheer up; you are not lazy if you are sleeping; instead, you are smart; you know what your body needs and properly follow your chronotype for a healthy body.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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