How to Combat Nervousness in an Interview

All of us keep on studying and dedicate a minimum of 25 years of our lives to learn so that we can earn our bread and butter in the future.

We keep on running behind the grades so that we can collect a final stamp as a certificate that we are qualified.

We compress all these certificates into one file to showcase our lifelong learning in front of an interviewer at some point in our life so that he can open the door towards our destination.

Some of us get an approving nod despite having lesser grades, while others get a straightforward, “no” from the interviewer even holding a reasonable degree.

So, what could be the possible reasons for that?

Well, reasons can be many, but one of the most critical and possible reasons could be your nervousness.

Facing an interview can be a scary experience for many, which makes them rippled by words, stuttering, and forgetting words that they want to convey.

These things lead to losing an opportunity for the job.

If you think you are alone, then you are not alone; many people feel the fluttering butterfly in their stomach when it comes to facing an interview.

Those who mastered it handling wins, and those who fail to calm, come out with a dead end.

Why most of us get nervous?

Here are a few things that should be taken on board before we move forward.

There are many causes of nervousness,

1.lack of preparation: If you are not well prepared for the subject you are going to face, it will make you nervous. A thorough study and grip on the topic make you confident.

2.Social anxiety: Many people suffer from this invisible enemy. Anxiety is much more common than you think and ranges from mild to acute.

3.Negative thoughts: These are scary thoughts that restrict and paralyze your healthy thinking process. Thoughts like, “Everyone will think I am an Idiot/boring”. And these thoughts are so powerful that they will convince you what you are thinking is right, which makes you nervous. Self-loathing and criticism always help you to create nervousness.

4.Procastination: Sometimes we over-analyze the situation than is, this gives birth to nervousness. For example,” I failed in the last interview. I think I will not get through this one also.

5.Blind negative thoughts: An obsession with how you appear physically, rather than feeling comfortable in the situation may fill your mind with nervousness.

6.Feeling insecure, ashamed, and unhappy: These three negative traits can join hands together to force you towards nervousness.

So how to snuggled down this nervousness?

You can mash it by adopting these baby steps: let’s go one step at a time.

1.Sleep: Give your mind an ample amount of rest before one day. Cuddling your bed for a longer time will help you to keep your body and mind in one alignment. It eases your nervousness.

2.Drink water: Drink lots of water. When your mind starts racing, and heart rate starts beating like drums, it helps in relaxing your senses.

3.Good food: foods like salmon, spinach Avacado, Almonds, blueberries, chia seeds are suitable mood enhancers.

4.Dress up: Always wear clean and comfortable attire. Wearing a comfortable dress helps in boosting your energy. A dirty ruffled cloth can bring down your confidence.

5.Control your emotions: Ice melts in both heat and water. So, you have to balance it. Never lose your temper. Some interviews are psychological they will try to put pressure on you to see how capable you are in handling it, some comments can make you angry but keep that in mind, you should handle it calmly and sternly.

6.Wear Confidence: Walk with a head held high, keep your body straight while entering the room. Body languages speak a lot about your emotion. So always try to keep these in control. Waving and moving of hands is very important its shows your strength and confidence, especially when you are facing a video interview. But keep these postures under control.

7.Control your emotions: You have to take on the mantle of the stress of the environment very comfortably. You are going to meet another human-like you.

8.Carry on the smile: Shed your reticence and shyness behind the door of your smile.

9.Exercise: Doing exercise naturally burns off adrenaline, balances the mood, and increases energy levels.

Another aspect of exercise is that it helps your brain get used to having a pounding heart and shortness of breath. Doing exercise is especially useful for people who suffer from panic attacks.

10.Positive refocus exercise: The brain rarely focuses on the present – it’s usually somewhere in the past or future. The amygdala is very dramatic. It keeps on weaving stories. The way to combat this is to take control of your imagination and re-write the script. Focus on positive actions.

11.Breathing exercise: Systematic breathing exercises helps in calming your nerves, counting while inhaling and exhaling helps diverting your mind keeps you less anxious about a situation.

12.Meditition: It helps in calming your mind. Whatever excitement, struggle, doubts, your mind goes through. Meditation can help in controlling it.

Always remember, the person sitting in front of you is not a devil or a dangerous animal but a human just like you and me. So there is nothing to worry. And whatever the consequences never give up.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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