How to Draw the Thin Line Between Confidence and Over-confidence

Self-Confidence is like armour for us; without it, one cannot think of going to a battle. Self-confidence motivates us to believe that we can accomplish anything no matter how difficult the task is, what adversity we are facing, or how odd the situation is, if you have confidence that you can do it, then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. 

Confidence is the driving force that crushes the negative thoughts and stacks intense affirmative energy to start any work, how difficult it may be. But as they say, everything has a limit. If you consume anything more than you should eat, it will lead to nausea, indigestion.

Anything in excess is always wrong, be it sugar, salt, anger, or confidence.

Sometimes people get carried away by overconfidence and take the wrong decision.

And the most dangerous thing is that while crossing this thin line, we never realize it.

It is imperative to realize the threshold of confidence and overconfidence.

Before jumping into that, let’s first understand what gives birth to overconfidence?

1.Ego: This silent enemy sits on your thoughts and keeps on repeating that you are superior to everyone. This dangerous thought can give birth to overconfidence. Many people accept difficult challenges and put their lives in danger to fulfil their ego.

2.False pride: Many people take pride in themselves that they know everything. They never give a single thought before taking any decision. These are the people who live in a false world. Everything seems hazy before them as they only consider the word, “I’.

Over-confidence holds the hands of these types of people very strongly making them blind to the real facts.

3.Speculation: Often presumption of something without verification leads to overconfidence.

4 . Trying to put your feet in other’s shoes: Everyone is having their endurance and drawback. Just because they can do it, I can also do it, is a false assumption. This overconfidence may put you in deeper trouble.

How to control overconfidence?

1.Stay grounded: No matter how much you know, always show gratitude. It will help in controlling your ego.

2.Knowledge: we all learning is a continuous process, showing a red signal to learning is like putting a spade on your leg. Learn from everyone and everything. A firm grip on knowledge will help in building confidence and keeps you grounded.

3.Respect other’s views: Never disrespect others’ views, you may or may not disagree with their thoughts but disrespecting someone is never a good idea. You may be wrong on some points; getting ideas from different people helps to see things from a different angle altogether.

4.Analyze and then take action: Don’t run on the track without knowing it’s the distance. Gather information, analyze your strength, then go for it. Only fools jump into the water without knowing how to swim. So proper research and analysis can show you the right path.

5.Suppress arrogance: When you remain arrogant, you have no vacant place to learn. Practice humility, think of yourself as a speck of dust on the ground so that you cannot look down on anyone, and you can learn from everybody. There is no big, and small everyone has something to offer be it a 200-ton blue whale or a bumblebee bat which is hardly over an inch long. They have special skills on how to survive from their predators.

So, acknowledge before crossing this bridge of confidence and overconfidence before it gets too late. Most of us realize it after facing the consequences of life, which makes us nervous in the later stages. For example, facing an exam, many children skip the revision part because of overconfidence. When the question paper does a handshake with themselves, their mind goes on an offline mode.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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