Habits You Must Inculcate to be Super-Organised and Productive

Do you know what the organised people endlessly strive for?


How do they handle it?

The organised people are always attuned to their thought.

Being disorganised can be costly, both in terms of money as well as time.

According to Benjamin Franklin, spending time to organise yourself is a really valuable investment. Experts point out every hour you spend in planning and organising things save around three hours you may have wasted later.

The good news is, you can be an organised and productive individual by incorporating a few habits in your daily routine.

What are these success habits?

Let us take a look.

Jot Down Everything

Whenever you are in the middle of something and an idea pops in, be it for your next presentation or an item to be added in the grocery list, write it down.

This is simply an extension of maintaining calendar.

Jotting down everything will keep your mind clear, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Read your Emails Daily

You may check the inbox anytime you want to.

However, you must dedicate a timeslot to read and address your emails.

Your cluttered inbox is bound to trouble you otherwise.

Protect Your Time

Good time management is nothing other than an asset if you want to stay organised.

Try to divide your working hours. 8 hours is quite a lot of time and you might be spending the time doing things that do not add much value to your long-term goal.

Proper organisation will increase effectiveness, boost productivity and ensure efficiency.

Make Schedules and Deadlines

Organised people rarely waste time.

Keeping things organised increases productivity.

Make deadlines, set your goals and more importantly, stick to them!

If you lead a cluttered life, you will never be able to meet deadlines or achieve goals.

You can write down the things you want to achieve in your life.

Next, jot down the things that will help you to achieve them.

Life is very short.

So, do everything that matters to you.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

It is really tough to imagine even a day without internet.

A number of technologies, tools and applications make our life easier.

The smartest people on earth know the ways to use this technology to their advantage and get things done in little time.

You can use applications to stay organised and focused.

Declutter Regularly

Make sure to declutter and organise your things at least once every week.

Your things do not stay organised on their own. You must do that continuously.

You can block a time in your calendar and use that time to clean up and organise your things.

Make Time for Your Priorities

Find out your priorities and take out time to handle them.

Your priorities can be personal development, financial growth, career goals and relationships.

Everyone’s list of priorities varies. Whatever your priorities are, make sure you take out time for them.

Organising should never be a separate event in your life. On the contrary, make it a part of your day.

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