Where To Find Dividend Stock Ideas-Lite n’ Easy life

Have you at any point pondered where to discover profit stock thoughts? There are actually a great many stocks you can purchase and it’s difficult to pick the correct ones. In the past you needed to discover profit stock thoughts physically and keep these thoughts in an Excel spreadsheet. Luckily, there are a few sites, instruments and records which will help you effectively discover incredible profit stocks.

Profit Lists:

Numerous sites distribute their own arrangements of best profit stocks. Every one of these stocks need to meet explicit necessities to get recorded, for example, raising their profit each year for various years. These rundown as a rule give a decent beginning stage to choosing the best profit stocks.

Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio:

Berkshire Hathaway is notable due to it’s director Warren Buffett. On the off chance that you are simply beginning to contribute, it is a smart thought to duplicate what Warren is doing. He is probably the most extravagant individuals on the planet and he doesn’t settle on idiotic choices. It would be ideal if you know that not the entirety of the stocks on this rundown are profit stocks.


Icahn Capital Management LP:

As I referenced in one of the past posts called Is “Stock Investing Worth It?”, Carl Icahn is probably the most extravagant financial specialist on the planet. His present total assets is around 14 billion USD. Here is a rundown of stocks as of now possessed by Icahn Capital Management:


You should likewise know that no these stocks are profit stocks.

S&P Dividend Aristocrats:

The S&P Dividend Aristocrats list is a rundown of S&P 500 organizations that have:

raised their profit each year for in any event the most recent 25 years.

a base market top of $3 billion

a normal every day exchanging volume of $5 million.As of April 2020, there are as of now 63 organizations recorded on the S&P Dividend Aristocrats list.You can basically look for “S&P Dividend Aristocrats” utilizing Google/Bing or go to one of the accompanying connections:



https://www.suredividend.com/profit blue-bloods list/

NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Index:

This is a rundown of 274 organizations that have raised their profit every year for in any event 10 years. Additionally, these organizations are individuals from the NASDAQ US Benchmark Index and they meet certain base capitalization and liquidity prerequisites. They have a history of consistently raising their dividends,they have lower instability than the general market and they likewise have income that can bolster the profit installments. The organizations in this rundown don’t have such a long history as the organizations in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index. You can discover the rundown here:


The Dividend Investing Resource Center:

This site offers a rundown of organizations that have expanded their profits for 25 back to back years, however this rundown does exclude capital/liquidity necessities like S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index. It incorporates a few organizations with advertise top of under $3 billion and a few organizations that exchange under $5 million worth of offers for every day. The site offers a great deal of different apparatuses like various spreadsheets for following your portfolio, the profit schedule, different number crunchers and so forth. It likewise gives you the rundown of best books identified with profit contributing. You can discover the site here:


Stock Screeners:

Stock screeners are apparatuses (or sites) that speculators use to channel stocks dependent on explicit rules: industry, showcase top, P/E proportion, EPS development, net revenue, profit yield and so forth. A portion of these instruments permit you to channel utilizing specialized pointer information. For instance, you can channel stocks that are exchanging over 50-day moving normal. The greater part of these stages are allowed to utilize, however on the off chance that you need to utilize further developed highlights, you need to pay for a redesign. And furthermore, a large portion of these devices are cool and… whatever! In any case, just two of them merit referencing:

StockRover – This site offers a 14-day preliminary which is all that anyone could need to understand that it’s the most ideal screener in the market. What’s more, it’s really perhaps the least expensive one when you contrast it with different administrations. I’ve been utilizing it for about fourteen days in particular and I’m now persuaded that it’s something I should use later on. The cost of their most costly arrangement is $27.99 every month, which is less expensive than the vast majority of the administrations in the market, and they give you 10+ long periods of recorded information and 650+ accessible measurements you can use for separating. Perhaps it’s not reasonable for the starting financial specialist like me, yet I imagine that there is no other help which could give such highlights at such a minimal effort.

FinViz – When it comes to free stock screening apparatuses, there are numerous alternatives however none of them is really near FinViz. It offers a ton of channels (spellbinding, major and specialized) and it’s very simple to utilize. There are just two things I don’t care for on FinViz. One of them is that they show a great deal of advertisements on their site. Another is that it doesn’t permit you to look for stocks dependent on sequential long stretches of profit development. However, I can acknowledge that as long as they give their screening instrument at zero expense. In next not many months or years, I will consider going through some cash on further developed screening devices, yet for the time being FinViz is as well as can be expected find for nothing.

Extra Sources For Dividend Stock Ideas:

Looking for Alpha Dividend Ideas:

Looking for Alpha is an extraordinary asset for crucial stock investigation, securities exchange news and market information when all is said in done. They additionally distribute a rundown of their profit thoughts:

https://seekingalpha.com/profits/profit thoughts

Worth Investors Club Ideas:

Worth Investors Club is an online venture club where top financial specialists share their thoughts. I visit this site at regular intervals and check for certain thoughts:



Dividata is a site particular for profit stock investigation and profit history information. It gives a rundown of high return profit stocks just as their own rundown of top of the line profit stocks, in light of their rating framework. You can visit the site here:

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