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Power of sub conscious mind

In this article i’m going to talk about the power of sub conscious mind and it’s importance to get success in our lives. Once you’ll know about the sub conscious mind and it’s importance it’ll work like a super power in your life. You can do whatever you want and definitely get success whatever you do. 

What is sub conscious mind?

Our brain is divided in two parts one is conscious and another is sub consciousThe conscious mind is the mind we use to memorize something where all of our memories store. With conscious mind we remember something, we get thoughts because of conscious mind. We can visualize anything because of conscious mind, we can feel anything only because of our conscious mind.

But the sub conscious mind is opposite of that. It works 24/7 even  then when we are having nap. All the automatic movement we done is control by our sub conscious mind as for example breathing. Our sub conscious mind is known as the most powerful inner force. It is also known as non conscious mind.

How the subconscious mind works?

In 1963  Joseph Murphy  published a book about the subconscious mind named power of subconscious mind. In his book he explain subconscious mind as a super power of human body.  He well explain that if you start assuming anything in daily basis that will be start happening in your life. 

He mentioned a lot of stories related to that one of them is there was a 65 years old widow and her children were not with her she was all alone and she well knows about the power of our sub conscious mind so she started assuming that she is living with his husband who is a very kind hearted and religious person and guess what she married a pharmacy owner after 3 months and she was very happy with him. She shared her story with Joseph Murphy.

Our sub conscious mind never argue with us and they don’t know what is truth and what is not so whatever we think and assuming they take that as truth start working according to that. If you start assuming that you are a successful person and you have achieved your goal then your sub conscious mind think that you are a successful person and start will start work as a successful person and then you’ll not be so far from your success.

Joseph Murphy said in his book that with the power of our sub conscious mind a blind person can see a deaf can hear, a paralyzed person can  defeat his disease he explained many stories related to this in his book. Now you can understand what is our sub conscious mind and what is it’s power.

But  yes one thing i wanna explain you that never assume anything bad and never try to connect that bad thing into your sub conscious mind. As i mentioned above that our sub conscious mind never argue with us what you assumed it’ll take it as a truth and start working according to that.

The one incident Joseph Murphy shared that take me in wonder. I never thought that our sub conscious mind can be this much powerful and can work like that. He mentioned that there was a successful business man he had got all the success and all the achievement he want except one, his daughter was paralyzed. He consults various doctors but failed. He used to say to people that somebody please take my arm but save my baby girl. One day in an accident he lost his right arm and when he returned to home he saw that his daughter was not a paralyzed girl anymore. He share all this incident with author and now we know about it. 

So this is the power of our sub conscious mind. Isn’t it a super power we all own. so get ready to be succeed in your life. Argue with your sub conscious mind that you are a genius person you can do anything in your life. You are successful person. Good luck : )

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