Why we should use credit cards? Lite n’ easy life

There are several reasons for use credit cards. It is very convenient, easy access, cash back, fast payment etc. Many financial gurus states that “responsible credit card use does not exist”. But in this article i’m going to talk about why you should have a credit card. The advantages of using credit cards.

What is credit card

Credit card is the most common payment method. Credit card is a card that allow you to pay bills without cash. It is issue by Bank. Each card has an unique number. You can pay using this number and some additional details you can pay your bill. Then the card issuer transfer the money to the seller. You have to pay credit card bills to the card issuer within a certain of time period and if you’ll not pay the credit card bill on time then you have to pay the interest.

Reasons to use credit cards

Easy access :  –   In my thought this is the biggest reason to use credit cards. If you use credit cards you don’t have to worry about how many cash is in your wallet. Imagine you are far from home and you don’t have enough cash for take a room in a Hotel on that time credit card help you. you can pay unlimited bills of shopping and many more. So now you know why I thought that this is the biggest reason to use credit cards.

Fast payment : – One of the biggest reason to use credit card is you can pay faster. Like if you are using credit card to pay you don’t have to do a lot of effort or you don’t have to invest a lot of time. You just have to use your card and some additional details and that’s enough to pay any amount of bill. Now a days a card holder person can pay fast than a wallet flubbing person because doesn’t have to worry about how much money he have in his wallet.

Easy in deposit made : –    When it comes to made deposit somewhere credit card is the most credit card is the most used payment method. For example if you have to book a room , a car from a car rental or a table in a restaurant everybody prefer credit cards over any kind of payment. With credit cards you can book your room or car and if you are unable to use the service you can easily get your money back. That’s why most of the people choose credit cards when it’s come to deposit made.

There’s a lot more reasons to use a credit card over any other payment method. But if there is some advantages there is also some disadvantage of it. Most of the financial guru say not to use credit cards. But if you know how to invest money on right things credit card is the most awesome thing for you. But if you are a person that spend so much money without any reason then you have to be careful with credit cards. You have to use it wisely.


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