4 Top Tips to Motivate People Around You

You may need to motivate anyone, it can be your spouse, kids, parents, neighbours or your employees, anytime.

Though all of us know we have to live well, there are not many of us who can practice that.

Research says that we are motivated by purpose, mastery and autonomy. We love to control our actions, be recognised for our deeds, learn something new and feel that we are doing something worthy.

So, how can you motivate people around you?

Adapt to Need

Well, when it comes to motivating people, you cannot follow any one method as there are no such methods that fit everyone’s need.

You need to customise your approach depending on the individual.

More you know the person, the easier it is to tailor your approach.

For example, if you see someone not motivated enough to look for a job, do not assume that the person is lazy. They might be demotivated because they are going through a rough phase of life.

So, the best way to motivate people is to think from their perspective and listening to them carefully for clues.

You can ask open ended questions. This will help you find out more about them.

Do not Bribe

Well, most people think that the biggest motivation for a job is money.

Rewards certainly help.

Researchers say that self-interest or long-awaited rewards play one of the most significant roles to predicting dedication and satisfaction to work. It is said it accounts for as much as 75% of personal motivation.

If you try to motivate with a reward, always remember that people stop when they do not get rewards. Rewards can actually backfire if you are looking for an analytical or a creative job.

For the complex tasks, we are more motivated by purpose and autonomy.

Use Emotions as Your Feedback

Did you know that you can use your changes in behaviour as a feedback to motivate people?

Praise always evokes positive emotion. Other emotions like gratitude or an expression of awe can also motivate people.

Appreciate and thank people sincerely. Praise publicly and share positive feedback.

Feedbacks are beneficial as a form of motivation and they go a long way in helping people feel positive and motivated.

Direct your feedbacks towards future and not the present.

Your focus of feedback can be a futuristic goal with the discussions revolving around how to reach that goal.

Use Positive Strategies

Negativity is not a good motivational strategy. Frustrations and criticisms may lead to a short-term response but negative responses will never motivate a person to change. Negative approaches, can in fact lead to feelings of resentment.

You can never force someone to be motivated. True motivation always comes from inside, so, no matter how much you try, you cannot motivate someone into doing something until they feel such a need. You can only help them identify their feelings of motivation. Try to reveal their existing motivation, rather than creating a new one.

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