17 Traits of a Good Leader

Many great leaders have come and gone throughout human history, but a few left a blueprint in our collective memories.

Some are well known for their contributions to society, military might, dictatorship, and others for their political career.

Not every leader is loved and followed by people.

Some leaders like Adolf Hitler from Germany is known for his dictatorship, and some leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, etc., are praised for their kindness.

So, what are the qualities one must have to become a good leader:

1.A leader should have a clear vision: He must have a clear goal; if he is not sure about his path, his team’s ladder will indeed tremble at some point in time. So, his vision must be defining.

2.They radiate positive energy: They are passionate about their work. The most important thing for success is to infuse the passion and will to succeed. Being a leader, he must have a positive attitude towards his teams, which boosts the morale of a team. If the group is high in enthusiasm, then that will lead to increased productivity.

3.They Should have a proactive attitude: It’s always easy to play the blame game and throw the ink on others’ shirts, but a good leader always focuses his lens on solving the problem than becoming one. They know what to do when something wrong happens.

4.They delegate the tasks: They know how to distribute the tasks. They are well aware that one cannot do everything, so they focus only on the problematic part and distribute everything else to their team.

5.They are approachable: A fear atmosphere cannot breed warm hearts; if your team is afraid to speak up, they will not be happy to work with you. You can attract more honey bees by putting honey, not lemon juice. Good leaders always seek feedback from their team.

6.They are hardworking: Your team looks at you as an inspiration. If the leader is filthy and lazy, they too follow your path. Being energetic and hardworking is one of the best signs a great leader should always carry.

7.They respect others: They do things that they expect from others and show a lot of gratitude when it comes to teamwork.

8.They are accountable for their work: They take responsibility for their actions.

9.They are decisive and confident: They make decisions that keep the team together. They take care of their people and help them to grow.

10.They are great motivators: They always motivate their team to achieve more, make them healthy, and create more leaders from the group.

11.They share knowledge: Good leaders are good teachers; they love to share their knowledge and experience with their peers. They never hide their secret weapon from their teammate.

12.They always stand by their team: No matter what, be it good or bad, great leaders still support their team.

13.They always learn new skills and empower themselves: A leader must come with unique ideas; they cannot pull their team for further action. They must empower themselves with knowledge.

14.They can take the potential risk: A leader must have the potential to take a calculative risk. To reach new heights, he must have the ability to take a particular risk. Otherwise, growth will remain stagnant.

15.They have the reasonable control of their subconscious mind: They know how to control their mind. It helps in making an excellent qualitative decision.

16.They are good listeners: A good leader always listens to others; they filter good ideas and implement them in real life.

17.They are good speakers: No one will listen to you if you don’t know what you are speaking. A leader has magic in his words that help him to influence people to follow him.

 In general, everyone is born with a similar biological system; what makes a leader different from others is his powerful thoughts and vision towards life. 

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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