15 Winning Techniques to Handle Time Effectively

Every species on earth is blessed with 24 hours of time. No one is privileged to have even one extra nanosecond and no one is underprivileged to get less than that.

Amongst all the species, we homo sapiens are the only one who knows how to calculate this time and have a developed brain to handle it appropriately.

Still, many of us failed to achieve our goals at the proper time.

Bunches of people carry a mountain of stress running behind the time, and many submerged themselves in the darkness of anxiety to fetch their target.

But some people use their time efficiently and effortlessly manage to reach different heights.

So, if we all have the same hours in our bag then how only a few earn fruitful result out of it.

My answer to this question is, they follow a proper routine.

Here I have mentioned fifteen techniques to follow to manage your time efficiently

1.Planning: If you want a clutter-free life then always plan before. It gives you direction towards your goal. And bestows an opportunity to execute your actions properly. There are several apps available through which you can plan your actions properly if you don’t want to keep a physical diary.

2.Organizing: I have seen people having a messy table, chaotic cupboard where the cloths keep on peeping forcefully from their doors, several people scream before they leave to their office, no not a goodbye shout but asking for their socks, shoes, car keys, etc. and all these happens because of lack of organization.

3.Keep a journal: Writing journals regularly not only makes you stress-free, but it also helps in keeping records of your activities daily. You write all your experiences. It is just like a planner which helps you to improve and save time.

4.Discipline: You cannot do anything unless and until you walk into the path of discipline. Be it doing a plan, organize, or keeping a journal every need to be dominated by discipline. Accept discipline as your best friend and stay loyal to it. Time will automatically adjust its seat to deliver you a better result. 

5.Say no to laziness: laziness is just like a termite; it eats all your valuable time. Try to attack it and kill it by holding tightly the hands of discipline.

6.Prioritize your work: One cannot eat everything at a time, overeating or undereating will lead to the health hazard. So, prioritize your work. You cannot deliver quality work if you do everything at a time. Analyse which work can be done first finish it and then jump to the next. It will save time.

7.First, choose to work on the toughest work: If you choosing to finish the hardest part of your chore earlier it boosts more confidence for the entire day and keeps away from stress.

8.Do not get distracted: Many times, it happens we must be doing one work but landed ourselves on the other unconsciously. This happens due to a lack of focus. Here the social media plays one important role in looting your time and focus both. The best remedy for this problem is to keep a distance from the phone.

stay away from social media at this time.

9.Follow the 80-20 rule: This principle is called the Pareto principle.

This principle says that focus on 20% of input factors that can give 80% of valuable output. You have to assess 20% of aspects that are highly essential that can help you to achieve 80% of your productivity. Just scrutinize those factors and zoom in on it, for example, if you are a writer then 20% of your work is to focus on your subject, audience clarity, readers preference, and stick to your niche, this will result in 80% of dragging organic traffic, increase readability hence generation of revenue. It recoups time when you focus on the quality area of your project.

10.Understand how to do task management: It is done through a method called a quadrant system, an urgent important matrix. In this matrix it shows how to prioritize the work on the basis of its importance and urgency.

12.Take a 17 minutes break from your brain: Just like the engine, continuous work may seize your brain to think a qualitative or productive work. Taking small gaps especially 17 minutes gap helps in restoring energy to dive into a fresh task. Some research has proved this technique works for many.

13.Do not skip the task, it will break the flow, break your habit, do a small part but do it anyway.

14.Stay motivated, always keep the inspiration: These are the fuel that drags the engine, to utilize your time properly. You need to keep motivated.

15.Do smart work than hard work: Learn short cut tools to do your job, upgrade your knowledge. This will not only curb unnecessary wastage of time but also make you smart.

Time once gone will never come back again that’s the reason people say, its highly precious . Utilize it in a proper way to gain maximum profit.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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