Why Self-care is Not Selfish but its a Necessity?

In this fast-changing world, where we are sprinting for almost everything, from time, money to retaining crumbling relationships, we often forget something more substantial. We often overlook a half-eaten breakfast to chase the target job, instant foods have taken the proud position of homemade food to fetch time, and gadgets have dominated our quality time and tried its best to snatch our sound sleep. Running on this race track to fetch the finish line, we are ignoring and forgetting something very crucial, i.e., “ME”.

If we keep ignoring ourselves, in the long run, our body will start rejecting us the way we are doing now, and unfortunately, no one will help to get rid of that unbearable pain because it’s not there in anyone’s hands. Medicare can lessen your pain, family and friends can give you emotional support, but no one can take away the sufferings. Realize it before it gets too late.

How to take care of yourself?

1.Self- love is not selfish: learn to fall in love with yourself; it’s not selfish; it’s a necessity. The world is full of self-centred, chaotic, and selfish people. These people can utilize sensitive people according to their needs. So before taking the burden of the entire world on your shoulder, think about yourself.

2.Take care of your mental health: Most of us focus on our physical health to get a six-pack, zero size perfect bodies, but what about the powerhouse of your body that is your mind. It goes through so much wear and tears and needs proper care. Age-old techniques like yoga, meditation keeps our mind on the right track. Reading books and listening to music calms your brain.

3.Physical health: Instead of flying around the junk foods, funky drinks if we can able to manage to feed our body the right kind of food, it will seldom visit any hospital bed.

4.Spend time with friends: Friends always helps in healing the wounds. They are the ones with whom you can open your heart.

5.Enjoy nature: Go outdoors, allow your body to savour the freshness and brisk rays of the sun. Nature has divine energy; it helps in changing the mood. No matter how angry or offset you are, a simple walk in nature refreshes your mind. Due to lack of time, we often ignore going for an outing or travel. But these can heavily clout your day to day activity. Hence stop excuses go for a walk.

6.Learn new skills: We all know, learning is an ongoing process it never stops until you leave your body. When we learn about new things, it injects a lot of confidence and opportunity to face the future.

7.Stay content and happy: The problem with we human beings is, we never get satisfied with anything. We are self-motivated to get more, no matter how much we have in actuality. Let’s learn that this “more” word has no limit. Try to find out the contentment in small things.

8.Divide work: we all love to gain the tag of a multitasker and keep on grinding ourselves daily without realizing the simple fact that not everything is possible but everyone at a time. People keep on applauding for bravery and sacrifices but what exactly you are losing is the quality time and peace of mind. So, stop take a breath, outsource, or divide your work.

9.Learn to say “No”: Becoming a pawn in others’ hands is your choice, several people use you because you never said,” No”. Know your potential and capacity of doing work and say, “no “whenever you need to say. It’s not a weakness but your strength.

You will be in a position to take care of others if you, yourself, will be in a good state of mind and good health. So, take care of your soul and body; these are the ones who will remain forever with you till your deathbed.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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