Top 3 Tricks to Set Goals and Achieve them in Realtime

Most of us are in the habit of setting new year resolutions.

How many of us achieve them or at least remember them?

Well, there is a difference between goal and resolution.

Resolution refers to a firm decision, to do or not do something.

Goal, on the other hand, is the object of an individual’s effort or ambition. Goals involve plan, preparation and realistic action.

Though goals and resolutions are different, there is a similarity, most of us fail to achieve them.

We set different types of goals every day. While some of these are dedicated to be better versions of ourselves, some are to upgrade life experience.

Some can also be as basic as remembering to have breakfast every day.

Well, you must admit that, you have set these goals for a reason, right?

You have a reason that makes you want to accomplish these things.

So, respect it and do something about it.

Here are a few tricks to meet your goals.

Set Goals you Care About

Do not set yourself a goal just because everyone has such a goal or you should have that goal.

Instead, ask yourself, what exactly do you want for yourself.

Your mother may want you to be a doctor while you want to be a painter.

If you set being doctor as a goal only because your mother wants you to and is not passionate about it, there are high chances that you will not meet it.

Always set goals that matters to you.

Set Specific Goals

Be specific about the things that you really want.

Research show that, if you set specific goals, you achieve that easily and it also makes you happier. For example, if your goal is to be healthier, there is nothing specific about it. Instead you can set your goals as exercise more and avoid junk foods.

Be more detailed.

You can also break one goal into several sub goals.

This will give you a purpose and you will feel good when you achieve them part by part. Breaking down goals also keep you focused.

Come with a Visual Board

Having visual boards are much better than having a checklist.

Try it out!

Seeing something every day in front of your eyes will help you a lot in being a go-getter.

Do you want to slim down?

Have the poster of your favourite star in your room.

Tell yourself every day you have to be like that star.

You can also use your Pinterest account to put your favourite recipes if you aim to be a master chef.

Hope you got the idea.

Make sure you are realistic in setting your goal.  

Anticipate roadblocks.

Your journey towards the goal may not be a straight line always. You are bound to meet challenges and opposition while you are on your path to meet the goal.

Be mentally prepared to counter them if you do not want to quit midway.

You can mentally prepare yourself to meet obstacles and find the resources to overcome them.

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