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Now a days there are several people are depressed mostly teens.  There can be one or more reason to be in depression. Sometimes the person who is depressed is don’t even know about the reason. There can be several reasons of your depression like some past events, your genes, your age or any kind of pressure like work pressure or family pressure, faillior or any other kind of reason. There is no clear cut reason of be in depression. The persons who have less patients have the higher chance  to be depressed. In this article  i’m going to tell you about the reasons and the symptoms of depression.

Causes of Depression 

There will be a tot of reasons to be in depression. But i’m going to talk about the most common reasons to be depressed. so let’s see  Are you Depressed 

  • Past Events : –  Past events  have a strong impact in our mind. Of course some of them will give you happiness when you think about it like your childhood memories or the great time you had spent with your loved ones but some of the past events can be the reason of be in depression like losing your loved one or not be in touch with them or any accident that that affect your life and give a bad impact on your brain can be huge reason of depression.
  • Gender : –  Gender is play an important role to be in depression. Women have two times more chances to be in depression.   So Girl’s can get depressed more easily in comperision of boys.
  • Genes : –  Depression can be Genetics  if anyone’s family have a history of depression then there is more chance for that person to be in depression. Genes play an important role in someone’s depression. 
  • Failure : –  Most of the depressed youth have a similar reason to get depressed that is failure. That can be fear of being a failure or already get failed in something. 
  • More reasons :-  There is no fix reason to be depressed we have some more reasons like Bad relationships, Not getting enough love from our loved ones, fear of losing someone/something, some biological reasons and so on.

Symptoms of Depression 

These are some of the symptoms of depression –

  • Feeling Hopeless
  • Feeling sad, lonely, empty
  • Like to be alone and over think everything 
  • Feeling worthless
  • Unexpectedly losing or gaining weight 
  • Sleep too much or very less
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Not enjoying the things you used to enjoy
  • Aggressive mood  
  • Eating too much or less than you need

If you or any of your loved one is feeling something like this please call the doctor.

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