How can You Beat Uncertainty and Remain Focused?

This year has been quite unpredictable and a lot of us are having trouble looking ahead without getting overwhelmed.

Uncertainty has always been here but this year is a little different.

With the present Covid 19 situation, everything is uncertain, ranging from finances, economy, employment, relationships to physical and mental wellbeing.

We love security and this fear and uncertainty are leaving us feeling anxious and stressed.

So, how to deal with the uncontrollable situation, alleviate anxiety and face the scenario with more confidence? Let us find out.

Accept the Uncertainty

Though we often do not want to acknowledge, uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life.

Accept the fact.

We are certainly going through challenging times.

However, resisting the current situation will not help up learn, grow, recover or even feel better. Resistance prolongs pain and difficulty by intensifying emotion.

Instead of resistance, practice acceptance.

Acceptance will help you understand the reality of the situation and you can move forward, rather than remain captured by fear, argument or uncertainty.

If you accept the truth, you will still feel disappointed and frustrated, but move on with your life.

Focus on the Present

Nobody can predict the future.

You never know what will happen in the coming days.

We cannot control what life throws at us.

Deal with uncertainty so that it cannot overwhelm you.

Remind yourself, you need to stay in the present.

Remain conscious to understand the things that are happening around you right now and express gratitude as much as you can.

If you are obsessed with what ifs, try the following:

  • Write a diary
  • Have real life conversations, away from technology
  • Go for a walk
  • Create something. It can be a dish or anything you love.

Make sure to interrupt your present thought pattern and redirect your thinking towards the positive.

Build Tolerance

We navigate uncertainty everyday.

Driving to work is also uncertain. Right? We do not know whether we can reach home safely at the end of the day.

Acknowledge these uncertainties. This will build tolerance and help you move on with your life. Moreover, it will also help you accept more significant uncertainties.

Stick to a Schedule

Uncertainty is stressful.

The physiological consequences of stress may change your daily routine. To counteract that, stick to a schedule, like hitting the bed the same time everyday.

Forcing yourself into a routine will also help you keep a control on yourself, you are lacking otherwise.

Reflect on the Past Successes

You must have overcome stressful situations and survived it in the past. Give yourself the credit for this.

Reflect on the things that you did in the past and the things that helped you cope with stress.

Repeat the same things now.

You will soon overcome the overwhelming situation and regain calmness.

Remember that life is uncertain, not just now, but always. You can overcome uncertainty by

  • making uncertainty positive
  • engaging uncertainty
  • being in the present
  • focusing on breathing

However, if you are still having trouble coping with stress, get help from a psychologist.

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