Myth Buster: Debunking 5 Procrastination Myths

You have dreamt of writing a book.

Though you have planned everything right from the content of the book to the cover page, you have not yet started the writing.

This is procrastination.

Procrastination is delaying the task that needs to be done in favour of a less significant work.

Most of us have suffered from procrastination at some point in time.

The leading cause of missed assignments and work goals, it can be detrimental when your career suffers from it.

Many of us have some false beliefs about procrastination and that gets in the way of solving the problem.

Let us check the most common procrastination myths.

Procrastination is Simply a Problem of Time Management

Procrastination has nothing in common with time management.  

Though time management certainly helps with dealing with procrastination, one is certainly not the product of other.

Value the things you are doing.

If you can value the things or do things you are passionate about, you will not procrastinate.

Work Pressure Ensures Quicker and Better Job

Quite on the contrary, work pressure is detrimental to your work goals and can often lead to incomplete tasks.

If you are in the habit of delaying things thinking that you perform better under pressure, you run the risk of missing deadlines.

You may also end up asking for more time to complete the given task.

You Can Inherit the Procrastination Gene

Quite unfortunately, we cannot blame our parents for this.

Procrastination is not something we have inherited from our parents or grandparents. It is our behaviour that we have acquired over time.

One of the prime reasons behind procrastination is our gut feeling. We feel that in the given circumstance, our chance to succeed is slim.

The causes here can be quite varied, ranging from lack of confidence to inadequate preparation.

Procrastinators are Lazy

Procrastination and laziness have always been linked.

Even today, these words are quite confusing.

There are certainly lazy people. However, all people who procrastinate are far from being stupid or lazy.

The procrastinators do not procrastinate always. They are lazy at times, but they are quite active otherwise.

While some avoids tidying by working, others avoid work, spending time cleaning up things.

Procrastinate is not caused by laziness. It is caused by fear, bad habits, anxiety or even resistance to authority.

Procrastination is the Symbol of Busy Life

Well, the fact that our lives are busier than our ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago, is a popular notion but an incorrect one.

Regardless of whether it is working in the office or hunting in the forest, life has always been busy.

In fact, with technological advancement, it can be said that we are spending a more relaxing life compared to our ancestors.

Most of have used some of these myths as a reason to excuse ourselves from the tasks we are uncomfortable in. Hopefully, this blog will help you stop believing such things and let you handle the task at hand.

So, what procrastination myths helped sustain you? Please share your thoughts with us.

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