How to teach kids good values

When a child is born, he/she only knows how to cry and smile. All other emotions are crammed through the journey of existence. With the wear and tear of life, a child learns various things, goes through many emotions and grabs different habits.

Parents are always protective of their children, turning them into a spy camera for their kids and their activities. So, our children are under constant surveillance.

Make these strict rules, parents patrolling on their children can help their children to replenish good values?

I think this part of the game is quite challenging. We had already entered into Gen z, who are much more advanced and tech-savvy than Gen X and Y. And the tricky part is, this technology is expanding its dominance in everything, including our values.

So, here the question is, how to teach good habits in your kid.

1.Start from you: Being a parent, you are the first teacher of your child. They follow and imitate all the activities that you are following. If you don’t know how to respect your elders, don’t expect your child to pay you respect. Start working on your engine first; see if you are using the right kind of fuel in the form of habits or not; otherwise, it will jam your machine. Same thing your kids will follow. So, start working on yourself, whatever beliefs or values you want to instill in your child.

2.Dont make them fairy princess or prince: Let them do their work. Let them make their bed, clean their plate, fold their clothes; doing these small things will help them to become independent.

3.Make them responsible: Let them know the value of everything from money to relationships. They should know and understand where the transparent boundary is.

They should value the relationship more than money.

4.Develop good reading habits: Books are the promising treasure boxes that can imbue good values in your children. It also depends on the choices of the book. So try to guide them on this.

5.Give practical examples: Let them understand what’s wrong and what’s right. If they are making any mistakes, let them accept it with a humble heart. Let them learn from those mistakes. Never guard their mistakes.

6.Never discriminate: When I was a child, my grandmother always told me not to eat yesterday’s meal, but at the same time, she used to eat that leftover while serving me fresh food. No doubt she had done it out of love and care, but I used to think I am superior to her. And this feeling is dangerous in the long-term.

7.Do things at a proper time: If you are leaving your bed at a specific time, going on a morning walk, or doing breakfast at a particular time, stick to it. The child will follow the same pattern, and this will brew discipline and punctuality in your child.

8.Never lie: Never give a false statement in front of your child. When you are confiding a lie in front of a child, they will consider honesty is cheap.

9.Gratitude: Your child must know sharing and giving

is a normal process. If you want to ingrain these values in your child, then you start doing this in front of them.

10.Love: Love has no boundaries; it is not limited to only romantic love. Love for all, from humans to animals, keeps your child stay grounded. Let them learn about animals too.

11.True meaning of joy: Let them learn though money is powerful, and we should respect money but never forget to enjoy life and extract happiness in small things. If they master this art, they will always cherish these values in the form of joy.

12.Healthy food: Always stick to the right foods, let them recognize the real value of good health. If your day starts with a beer and ends with an intoxicated mind, your child will take these things as normal behavior. Preferably a good breakfast and decent dinner can serve your purpose.

13.Family values: How much time you spend with your family and at the dinner table highly matters. A child learns a lot when you, as a parent, become his friend. They will come to know about family values.

True values shape our future and help in navigating the ups and downs of life. Implanting good values in your child is the greatest gift you can ever give to your child.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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