How to stay away from toxic people

We met various people; some give us beautiful positive energy, and some stung us with their negative toxic vibes. You can find these people everywhere from the workplace, neighborhood even in your relatives and friends. They wore a coat of decency, but their cunning wolf mind always lingers inside them, and they are highly capable of disturbing your mind by throwing negative comments. No matter how good you are at any task, these people keep on poking around. They can harm you in many ways. Some people get infected by these people and push themselves to various mental health issues like stress, anxiety, irritation, frustration, even push you to the darkroom of depression. So, it’s always advisable to stay away from such black sheep.

Now here, the question arises of how to identify them. Well, this is challenging work, but we can identify some of the negative characteristics. Here I am penning a few characteristics of these toxic people.

1.They love gossiping: These are the people who get immense pleasure from tattling. Their tongue keeps on tickling unless until they vomit the bitterness against someone.

2.Masters’ art of deception: They are skilled manipulators. Just like a chameleon, they can change their color and juggle their words according to the situation.

3.Play victim cards: No matter how wrong they are in their statements, they always think and behave as if they are the victims. They can make you feel guilty for the conduct that you have not done.

4.Not good listeners: Dominating other’s opinions is their weapon to win the game. They hardly listen to others and always try to own the situation in their favor.

5.Attention seekers: They can go to any extent to grab the attention of others. False statements, erroneous allegations, constructing a drama they can step into anything to get the attention.

6.Jealous: They can never digest others’ success. You can easily trace the smoke of enviousness from their behavior when some step into the peak of success.

The above points seem quite dangerous and need a red flag to stop these people from ruining your life.

So, how to get rid of these problematic toxic termites?

1.Keep a safer distance: listen to them but try to filter their thoughts. Negative people have limiting beliefs. They also keep on feeding your brain with such beliefs. So, always try not to implement their ideas or beliefs in your life.

2.Check with whom you are hanging out: Our surroundings, friends, colleagues have a more significant influence on our life. As we spend more than half of our day with them, try to trace out people who are having dogmatic and close-minded. They can seriously hamper your growth. Try to avoid such people, and if, for some reason, you cannot be able to do that, try to make your inner belief system stronger than those who are surrounding you. Believe in your capabilities.

3.Add more positive people: If you can’t disconnect with some negative people because they are family or very close friends, you can choose another option. Add and surround yourself with more positive and like-minded people. Adding more optimistic people in your life will help you to compensate and balance the negativity and positivity.

4.Read good books: I always believe books are my best friends; they can guide you, infuse lots of positivity inside you, and makes a shield against a hostile environment.

5.Cut your time: Always carry a scissor to cut spending time with such poisonous people. Set boundaries; no matter what, I will not spend more hours with them and stick to it. Keep your excuses ready so that you can escape at a safer time.

6.Never indulge in gossip: The person who is doing gossip about someone can backbite you too. So, never allow yourself to step inside the mud.

Life is challenging in its terms and conditions; why make it more complicated by adding such people in your life.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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