How to Declutter Your Mind

Our brain is the power controller of our body, just like mitochondria, which is the cell’s powerhouse as it provides energy.

When your brain is filled up with lots of traffic and specifically with bad drivers in the form of detailed negative thoughts that never follow any rules, then the chances of getting an accident are higher. When your mind is clouded with the darkness of negativity, everything seems to be dark, and it reflects in your behavior, decisions, and relationships. 

In today’s world, we are exposed to different people, different environments, technology, media, and our mind sucks different impressions, and it’s hard to filter which are healthy and unhealthy for us. So, decluttering our minds and thoughts is highly essential. An average human being has around 40-60 thousand thoughts each day; without a filter, you cannot make proper decisions and not see your life’s vision and mission.

So how to flush the dirt from your cluttered mind

1.Dont be a slave to people’s opinions: Most of the time, we handover our key to others’ happiness. We keep ourselves wrapped around their expectations, views, and opinions. “What they will think if I take this step, I should not do this because they do not like it,” these thoughts are holding us back to take action and makes us unhappy. Do things that you want to do and not those who want you to do. It’s your life so take charge of your life.

2.Clean all the shits that make you depressed: Keep away from everything that pulls down morale. Don’t keep any memories that keep on hurting you. Some people keep the gifts that they got from their ex even after the breakup. I would suggest clean that mess. The more you look into these things, the more it will pinch you. Don’t stick to your memories. Life, like a river, keeps on flowing. It had never stopped for anyone, so you have to learn how to move on.

3.Stick to your hobbies: Hobbies play a more significant role in silent your drumming mind. Whether painting, drawing, reading, singing or anything you love to do, keep doing it. It gives your mind a better option than pushing yourself into the darkness of negativity. These hobbies generate happy hormones and help us engage our minds in a job we love to do.

4.Believe in yourself: Self-confidence plays a vital role when it comes to a healthy mind. When you feel low, an ample amount of positive self-talk can clear your thoughts. Never allow lousy energy to get over you. Always believe in yourself.

5.Fill your jar with healthy positive things: Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. Open your heart in front of them they will understand your point and give useful suggestions. Positive thoughts always show us the brighter side of life.

6.Stay away from negative people: No matter what you do, how good you are at your work. Negative people always step in with their venom to corrupt your mind. Try to identify them and ignore their criticism and comments.

7.Do meditation: This is an age-old proven process to master on the wandering thoughts. It helps in filtering the thoughts and keeps your senses calm.

8.Go to the green: We often ignore the power of nature; not it soothes your mind but also cleans your thoughts.

9.Make yourself busy: Divert your mind to different things. Keeping yourself busy keeps a check on unnecessary thoughts to enter your mind.

10.Listen to songs: Soothing music calms your mind instantly. It flushes all the negative thoughts in a few minutes and silences the loud voice of your disturbed mind.

We all are surrounded by many garbage, toxic thoughts that make life miserable in a moment. So always try to keep your readymade broom of the above techniques ready and apply it whenever and wherever it’s required to live a clutter-free life.

Suchismita Pradhan

I am an accountant by profession, co-author of the novel,Aggregate50 and a creative writer who draws inspiration from daily life and tries to look at a situation from different perspectives

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