5 Top Tricks to Control Anxiety

Are you living with anxiety?

Well, most of us have dealt with the feelings of fear, worry and apprehension at some point in time.

You can experience anxiety on emotional, physical and cognitive levels.

What feelings do you normally have when you are anxious?

Usually, you have negative or disturbing thoughts if you are feeling anxious.

You may be scared or feel out of control.

It can affect your physical wellbeing too, manifested through trembling, shortness of breathing or sweating.

If you think anxiety is overwhelming you or pulling you behind, this blog is for you.

You can follow a few simple tricks to get rid of anxiety.

Stop Thinking and Practice Deep Breathing

Take out some time and find out what is making you nervous.

Usually you become anxious thinking about something that took place in the past or something that is about to take place in the future.

Regardless of what you are thinking, take note of the fact that you are missing out on the present.

Focus on the present to clear your mind and get rid of anxiety.

You can also regain control by sitting down and taking deep breaths.

Breathing exercises are very powerful relaxation strategies that help to ease your mind and body. In fact, deep breathing signals your brain that you are alright.

This helps your body and mind to relax.

Check Your Thoughts

When we are anxious, we tend to think of worst-case scenarios.

To combat them, think how realistic the scenarios are.

For example, if you are worried of giving a presentation, tell yourself, “I am well prepared.” Reassure yourself that the feeling of nervousness is bugging you.

Well, some things do go wrong, and some, do not.

Rethinking the reason behind fears will train your brain and help you rationalise your anxious mind.

Follow 3-3-3 Rule

Look around you.

Name three things that you can see around you.

Name three sounds that you can hear.

Move three parts of your body. It can be your arm, ankle and fingers.

This trick will help you focus on the present, clearing your foggy mind.

Avoid Sugar

Yes, you read that right.

When we are anxious or stressed, we often reach for chocolate bars or other desserts.

Avoid sugar when you are anxious.

Research suggests that, sugar intake may worsen anxiety rather than calming you down.

Opt for proteins, instead. This will help your body to recover.

Sleep Properly

Both the quality and the quantity of sleep matters when you are anxious.

Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep every night.

If anxiety is making you hard to sleep, try to follow a routine:

  • Use a comfortable bed
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Keep the temperature of your room on the cooler side.

Anxiety has some triggers. Try to identify the time and place where you feel more anxious. You can jot them down too. Identify the patterns and work on them. If you know the reason behind anxiety, you will be more prepared when it bugs you the next time.

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